Company's Audit compliance with the requirements of European legislation on EU citizens' personal data protection

We are unable to ignore the issue of users' and customers' personal data protection so far as business is concerned. In 2018, the requirements of European law known as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), came into effect. It became the most significant document over the past 20 years dealing with the personal data of the European Union citizens. This Regulation relates to every single branch of activity and every type of business - from micro-entrepreneurs to large corporations.

GDPR compliance audit

The GDPR increases the legal liability of companies towards the protection individual users' rights.
Becoming a GDPR COMPLIANT is not about a one-time preparation of the necessary documents. This is rather an approach to doing business in accordance with the new requirements which should be implemented at all levels organizations - from marketing to IT. It is important to understand what is the path information travel as well as where your risks and responsibilities lie to ensure the necessary transparency of your work and compliance with the requirements of the European legislation.
You may have a website, run an online business, collect cookies and user's email addresses, launch an advertising campaign, use e-mail marketing tools - you need a GDPR audit.
You sell products and get customer's feedback, provide technical support or participate in marketing events, international exhibitions and conferences, collect business cards of potential partners in Europe or look for contacts on LinkedIn and Google to send a partnership offer. In each case it is about the protection, storage and processing of personal data. It means you need a GDPR audit.

While working with our clients as a part of audit, we explain in detail and in a reasonable manner the legal framework, the key aspects and requirements for handling the data of EU users. We always show the opportunities and risks by demonstrating the examples of our practice.

We make a transparent map of information flow inside your company. We prepare the necessary documents for both internal and external use as well as for your customers, such as the "Privacy Policy" or the "Data Processing Agreement". Based on the results of the audit we provide recommendations for data processing and the necessary documents preparation. We provide support services and monitor the changes with the growth of your the company.
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